Operational Steering Committee

The Operational Steering Committee (OSC) is composed of a Superintendent from each of six areas within the Marin County. OSC will approve major operational decisions in the SELPA such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Set policy and direction for the SELPA
  • Approve SELPA financial actions including: distribution of special education funding to districts that operate special education programs and services; development of cost containment agreements and procedures; approval of the Regionalized Services budget
  • Monitor the appropriate use of federal, state and local funds allocated for special education programs
  • Approve the SELPA-wide annual service and budget plans, and subsequent modifications
  • Approve other agreement including, but not limited to Inter SELPA and interagency agreements, facility agreements and billback agreements.
  • Approve operations manual and handbooks to assist in the implementation of the Local Plan. These implementation tools are not considered a permanent portion of the Local Plan and are included in the Local Plan as reference materials only.

OSC shall elect, each year, a superintendent who may or may not be an OSC member to serve as chairperson. If the OSC chairperson is unable to attend an OSC meeting, the OSC will elect a substitute chairperson for the meeting.

The SELPA Director will serve as the Executive Secretary to the OSC and will provide staff assistance to the OSC and serve as liaison with the RLA Board.

Operational Steering Committee Membership 2017-2018

       OSC Agenda September 2017

Operational Steering Committee Membership 2016-2017

         OSC Agenda June 2017
         OSC Agenda May 2017
          OSC Agenda April 2017
         OSC Agenda March 2017
         OSC Agenda February 2017
         OSC Agenda January 2017
         OSC Agenda November 2016
         OSC Agenda October 2016
         OSC Agenda September 2016
         OSC Agenda August 2016

Operational Steering Committee Membership 2015-2016

        OSC Agenda May 20 2016
        OSC Agenda April 2016
        OSC Agenda February 2016
        OSC Agenda January 2016
        OSC Agenda November 2015
        OSC Agenda October 2015
        OSC Agenda September 2015
        OSC Agenda August 2015

Operational Steering Committee Membership 2014-2015

           OSC Agenda June 2015
           OSC Agenda May 2015
           OSC Agenda April 2015
           OSC Agenda March 2015
           OSC Agenda February 2015
           OSC Agenda January 2015
          OSC Agenda November 2014
           OSC Agenda September 2014
           OSC Agenda August 2014